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EcoStick Sunscreen - Tint

EcoStick Sunscreen - Tint

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EcoStick Sunscreen Tint for Face and Body SPF 35+ is a high performance reef safe mineral-based sunscreen which protects your body while preserving the ecosystems you love.

Our sunscreens exceed the FDA’s requirements for broad-spectrum claims. EcoSafe Zinc™ is non-nano, naturally-coated, USP grade and Cosmos certified. NOT all Zinc are created equally, and ours is the only zinc we have identified that has passed rigorous aquatic safety testing. Non-greasy, safe for sensitive skin and won’t burn your eyes.

Hawaii safe sunscreen! Travel to destinations with sunscreen bans like Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Palau & more with our 100% mineral sunscreens.

Content weight: 0.5 oz

Directions For Use: Apply liberally (2mg/cm2 of skin) to exposed skin, in sections, then rub in to reduce the whitening effect. For children under 6 months of age: ask a doctor. For face & body, does not burn eyes. If your skin is too dry, apply a little moisturizer first before application.

Reapply Mineral Sunscreen: After 80 minutes of swimming or sweating (preferably on dry skin), or immediately after towel drying, and at least every 2 hours.

Smart Sun Safety Tips: Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. To decrease these risks, regularly use a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF value of 15 or higher and practice other sun protection measures including:

  • Limit time in the sun, especially from 10am – 2pm.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses.

Now put on your sunscreen and go play!

Note: Our tinted sunscreens use iron oxides for color, and like most mineral make-ups or other sunscreens, they can discolor clothing or towels. The best way we have found to remove mineral stains is to pre-treat with a stain remover, citric acid or lemon juice and let sit overnight before washing in the hottest water your garment can safely handle, and then air dry.

Active Ingredients: 7% Titanium Dioxide (Non-Nano), 6% EcoSafe Zinc™ (Non-Nano) Inactive Ingredients: Extracts of Camellia Sinenis (Green Tea) Leaf*, Ocimum Tinuiflorum (Tulsi) Leaf*, Alaria Esculenta (Wakame Seaweed)*, and Olea Europa (Olive) Leaf in Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Copernicia Prunifera (Carnauba) Wax, Candelilla Cera Wax, Sorbitan Olivate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Cetyl Esters, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Rice Starch, Glyceryl Caprylate, Silica, Mica, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Iron Oxides (C.I. 77492, C.I. 77491, C.I. 77499) and Jojoba Esters. * Certified Organic NOTE: Mineral tint may stain light clothing. Avoid contact with light-colored clothing.

Specifications: Dermatologist Approved Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin
SPF Rating:
Active Ingredient:
Water Resistant 80 mins | Broad Spectrum Protection UVA/UVB | For Face & Body, Does Not Burn Eyes
EWG Verified: Does not contain Oxybenzone, avobezone, octocrylene, octinoxate, parabens, DEAs/ MEAs/ TEAs, Butyloctyl salicylate, phthalates, dyes, cinnamates, benzophenones (BP-2), camphor derivatives and other ingredients of concern.
Fragrance: None
Packaging: Post-Consumer Recycled


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